Friday 2 October 2015

In character

If you've taken a look at some of my recent photography posts, you may recall that I've started work on a specific portrait project. I have an overall concept in mind, which I admit (again) I'm hesitant to describe too closely on here before it really starts to come together. But for now, what's making it different and exciting for me in these early stages - and hopefully for my friends too - is that they all have a chance to inhabit a persona or character outside themselves.

Clearly, they all bring parts of their own personality and nature to the sessions, and in turn, to their portraits. And in turn, I have tried to 'cast' the characters appropriately, in the hope that my tireless volunteer models will feel a connection to their fictional counterparts.

I'm anticipating I will need about two days' photography with each person, with possibly a third 'wrap-up' re-match to capture anything 'missing'. I've already posted from my first shoots for the project with Suzanne and Ellie - and as things turned out, I recently completed 'Day 2' sessions with them both (before starting work at all with anyone else!).

Following up the first sessions relatively quickly paid real dividends. I was amazed at how focused I felt, drawing on what happened (and what didn't) in the 'Day 1' shoots ... just a perhaps understandable buzz at the sense of having a Real Plan, a mental blueprint to follow.

Suzanne and Ellie were able to re-capture their characters, and they both carried off the subtle changes required brilliantly. Suzanne's persona in these pictures is a visibly more confident version of who came before; while Ellie was tasked with showing two quite separate sides of one woman. From a practical point of view, Ellie's session also came with some interesting (self-inflicted) limitations. Making use of her newly-occupied abode before any art reaches the walls - and in a 2-hour 'window' before commitments drew us elsewhere - the session had a good-humoured intensity about it as we decided on the hoof how to make the best use of the space, light and time. As ever, thanks to both for entering into the spirit of the project so wholeheartedly. I hope you enjoy the portraits.




  1. Both models look very relaxed in front of the camera. Once again, a lovely portfolio.

  2. Thank you, John - very kind of you.