Thursday 28 May 2015

Northern exposures

Mrs Specs and I are not long back from a battery-recharging jaunt to Inverness to visit her folks. So, while my inner culture-vulture wanders around the house, scratching his head and wondering where he put the next batch of tickets... it seems the perfect time for one of my occasional photography posts. As you can imagine, I've spent a very happy few days snapping away - here I've just gathered up a few of my favourite shots from the trip. I hope you enjoy them.

Cromarty Firth:

A trip to the 'Botanics' at Inverness. As always, I'm drawn to the cacti. Looked at from a sensible distance, the impressive display looks like the collection of unusual plants that it is...

...while in close-up monochrome, it's much more like a race of mutant beings on the point of conquering the entire surface of the earth, which I prefer.

This is Dunrobin, a rather flamboyant castle and estate with some rather pleasant formal gardens...

...although (continuing the theme of horror, nightmares, etc) it also features a 'Pet Sematary'. *Shudder*.

(Arguably, though, that's still not as terrifying as...)

Knowing my fondness for the water, the in-laws suggested a Loch Ness / Urquhart Castle boat trip:

And as if that wasn't enough, I was also treated to an imposing ruin - the priory at Beauly:

More coastal walking around the environs of Dingwall:

And finally, I still tried to keep my 'portrait' hand in, with Mrs Specs's help.

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