Sunday 24 June 2018

Well Met

Specs is on a short break at the moment, enjoying a brief trip to the Big Apple.

It's a fascinating and exciting place. I feel that I'm already amassing significant numbers of New York points, after:
  • accidentally annoying the taxi driver on virtually our moment of arrival;
  • being addressed as 'Big Guy' by the bloke at the MoMA coffee kiosk (charmed, bloke at the MoMA coffee kiosk); and
  • a group of us asking for about five different varieties in the bagel shop and almost causing a sitcom-style meltdown in the kitchen.
Loving every minute, and more pictures to come. However, at the time of drafting, my most recent adventure was getting lost in the Metropolitan Museum of Art...

"This way!"

"No! That way!"

"Young scamp! 'Tis this way after all!"

Eventually, though, one makes it to the roof terrace, and this view - my proper postcard to all of you - is the reward. See you soon!

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