Sunday 20 November 2016

Single minded: the Disappointment Choir

A relatively short, sharp post this time - as the message is a sincere, but simple one.

I've written a few times in the past about the Disappointment Choir, a band made up of two friends of mine, Rob and Katy. It's always a pleasure to post their material here, because luckily, I think the music they make is barnstormingly brilliant: I've never had to think twice about the pair feeling I might be 'just saying that'... nor my readers here suspecting I'm dutifully being nice about my mates. The records are too good.

Here is the DC's new single, 'Winter Hill'. A seasonal song of sorts, it carries exactly the right tone of warm melancholy - like an audio version of bright sun on a clear, freezing day:

This new release has all the hallmarks of the band's dynamic that I particularly love. They each have superb voices, but - unlike a 'classic' harmony duo, say - they don't really 'blend'. Instead - which is not quite the same thing - they just sound great singing at the same time. When the second verse kicks in, there's a definite moment of euphoria as the two different vocal styles 'snap' together. And as so often, Rob builds the sonic foundations - keyboards, basslines, electronics - for Katy to slice through, here with her trusty acoustic guitar and angelic backing chorus.

It's a gorgeous track - one of their finest achievements to date. If you like it as much as I do, please consider buying it. Festively, the DC are giving any proceeds to Young Minds, a major UK charity working for children's and young people's mental health. Here is the Bandcamp link: your purchase gets you 'Winter Hill' instantly, with a couple more tracks to follow on official release day, 2 December.

These may be people who shamelessly take their clothes - well, socks - off in their video to get your attention: but please support them all the same. Not all worthy causes get to benefit from such a fine song, so carefully and joyously performed.

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