Friday 31 July 2015

Pushing the Boundary

Following on from the last one more swiftly than usual, here's another photo post. Earlier this month, I shared some portraits I'd taken of my friend Suzanne. Those pictures were the first fruits of a new project I've started, where most of my 'photo army' - who already gamely give their time and energy to collaborate on these sessions - are going to appear 'in character'.... many for the first time.

It's still early days and the overall scheme of the thing is still coalescing... so forgive my being a bit coy about the whole concept for the time being. But I'm thrilled to be able to share these pictures from a recent evening shoot with a portrait veteran, Ellie. Those of you who have seen photos of Ellie before on the blog will know what an irrepressible, energetic presence she is. The requirement this time (and I think the twilight atmosphere and quiet Boundary Gardens location helped) was to dial that down slightly and a more muted, even moody subject emerges. Thanks to Ellie for succeeding brilliantly and creating a persona slightly removed from her normal 'zone'. I hope you enjoy the photographs.

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